Differential levelling online calculation

Welcome to my Website for online calculation of heights by your differential levelling field data!

Even without a digital level, you can now calculate heights quickly and easily from data registered with an automatic surveyor's level. There are two calculation scripts available:
  • You may fill out the form for Line levelling and Area levelling with the readings from the levelling device as described in detail in the relevant literature. If you want to take a look at the principles of area and line levelling first, I recommend the following introductory web pages: With the script you can calculate height, adjustment and allowable misclosure. The examples with explanations provide a step by step demonstration of how the script works.
  • With another script I called "branched levelling", height calculation is possible in a single calculation step even with a more complex topology of the measurement path. The script automatically identifies all measurement paths and calculates the resulting height for each path. This is a self-developed method with a special input procedure. There are also examples with explanations showing how to use the script.