App for Writing down and Calculating a Differential Levelling


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  • No more paperwork in the field! Heights are directly digitally recorded and calculated
  • Results can be sent directly to the client or the office

App for Writing down and Calculating a Differential Levelling

Nivellus supports you in recording and calculating heights of your differential leveling. Write your data directly on your tablet or smartphone. Then you can calculate heights, adjustment and allowable misclosure at the touch of a button. You can also display the difference in elevation between two points.

Send the results using your mobile device. Then print the log with your desktop PC. Or import the data into your spreadsheet program.

Nivellus default display Nivellus menu Create new spirit levelling project Android app differential leveling table Levelling create survey Input notes for example survey Input name of point Differential leveling table input point name Differential levelling table backsight expected Nivellus app input backsight Benchmark expected Input remark for levelling point First row of spirit levelling table protocol Input intermediate sight in table Input mode of differential leveling table Nivellus input bench mark Overview table with backsight, intermediate sight, foresight, benchmark and rise / fall Nivellus - result calculation with reduced level, adjustment and adjusted reduced level Obtain differences in elevations - selection of points Display vertical difference between 2 points Nivellus android app - mode error evaluation Calculation of sum foresights minus sum backsights Input length of levelling section Select formula for calculation of the allowable misclosure Overwiev mode result calculation Differential leveling app - menu settings Share survey protocols - summary Share differential levelling protocol Email leveling protocol Title row explanation Rise / Fall Nivellus edit differnetial levelling table Nivellus theme bright / dark Nivellus dark mode Andoid app Nivellus - share settings Select unit of length - meter / feet Edit the constant of the formula of allowable misclosure Select language German / English Example of differential levelling table protocol

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